Karine ́Tovmassian Published Author + Speaker

Kariné M. Tovmassian Internationally published author, Kariné Tovmassian received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors English and Foreign Languages and Literatures from California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA USA. The University published her Undergraduate Thesis, Dystopic Motifs From The Underground, in 1996. (Delete the red) She received her Master of Arts Degree in Commercial Diplomacy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA USA. Having traveled the world extensively she quit her job and established her own company to keep up with the many requests for writing, speaking and consulting.

Apart from her proven and active experience consulting for governments, agencies, military and para-military organizations, large, mid-sized organizations and small/niche companies, Kariné also served as Adjunct Faculty member in the Department of Arts & Sciences, Humanities section at TCI College in Manhattan, NY, teaching Critical Thinking and Writing Composition. She currently is the go-to-expert for transitioning military and law enforcement professionals, delivering workshops at military installations nationally and has been consistently requested back by name.

Kariné specializes in helping individuals and teams streamline their lives and develop processes that foster cohesive teams, allowing individuals to create their own message, mission and meaning. She actively writes about lifestyle design, streamlined living and contributes to various online blogs and resource publications.


“A valuable asset and an energetic, creative thinker, I wouldn't hesitate to include Kariné on my team for any critical project.”
David James, President, John Goyak & Associates

“In a world where every professional assumes to ‘know’ what the client wants, she listens, asks questions and then delivers.”
William Courtney, Retired NYPD Detective

“Kariné has a great ability to quietly embed herself within existing staff at any company and lead the project development so that the client’s needs and requests are quickly addressed.”
Odysseas Roussos, Booz Allen Hamilton


To book Kariné for speaking engagements please contact Executive Personal Assistant Joanne at Jojo@ThinkerExtraordinaire.com

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